Oxygen Bleach Sodium Percarbonate
Oxygen Bleach Sodium Percarbonate
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Oxygen Bleach Sodium Percarbonate

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Environmentally safe and biodegradable oxygen bleach for use in the laundry and all-purpose cleaning. 100% Sodium Percarbonate acts as a disinfectant on most bacteria and viruses found around the home.

Oxygen bleach is environmentally safe and biodegradable, and leaves no by-products or residues which can harm the environment.

Oxygen bleach is excellent for cleaning and removing organic stains (such as coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, foods, sauces, grass and blood) from fabrics, plastics, fibreglass, porcelain, ceramics, wood, carpets, asphalt, concrete, etc.

It is very efficient, safe and economical. Perfect for use in any job around the home that need to be de-stained and deodorised.

  • Non-toxic to animals, plants and humans! (Safe for kids & pets, yay!)
  • Disinfectant to bacteria and viruses likely to be encountered in the home
  • Oxygen bleaches can be mixed/used with other natural household cleaners
  • Does not weaken fabrics like chlorine bleach
  • 900gm reusable container


Environmentally safe, biodegradable oxygen bleach for use in the laundry & all-purpose cleaning. 


This products carries a CAUTION label and is protected with a child safety cap. High eye irritant. Not to be swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.

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