Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer
Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer
Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer
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Recycled Heavy Duty Scourer

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The Heavy Duty Scouring Pads are made from recycled nylon fibres and not virgin materials. 

  • Remove scuffs and marks from tile, wood and linoleum floors. 
  • Clean grills, grates, garden tools, tiles and whitewall. 
  • Clean BBQ's, ovens, wood and metal furniture.

Not recommended for cleaning glassware, porcelain, non stick surfaces or highly polished surfaces.

Made with Renewable & Recycled Fibers.

Size: 2.7" X 4.4"


Packaging - these sponges come in a polypropylene bag for hygiene reasons. This can be recycled with other soft plastics via Redcycle (available at most major supermarkets).

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