Shopping Trolley Bag Set - 4 Pack
Shopping Trolley Bag Set - 4 Pack
Shopping Trolley Bag Set - 4 Pack

Shopping Trolley Bag Set - 4 Pack

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Don't miss out on securing your bags in time for the Plastic Bag Ban.

Say no to plastic grocery bags once and for all with thanks to the Reusable Trolley Shopping Bags.

To use, hang the bags at the back of your trolley and shop as normal. With your groceries on the conveyor, simply rack the trolley bags into your emptied trolley; spread out the trolley bags and instantly you have multiple bags to pack and sort with both hands.




 Please note:

We are doing our bit for the planet by discouraging overuse of wasteful packaging materials and transport emissions. Asking our customers to purchase more than one item means we halve our packaging use and minimise our carbon footprint.

If you choose to continue with a single item purchase, we will donate a portion of your shipping charge to offset the carbon for delivery through Carbon Neutral Biodiverse Reforestation Program.

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